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Integration and Interaction Toolkit


SICRIE stands for Social Integration on the Cultural and Religious Interfaces of Europe.



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The SICRIE Project set out to address the traditional stereotypes, historical prejudice, ignorance or fear that sometimes hinders meaningful interaction and integration as the movement of people within Europe increases.



The partners in the project – Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania – agreed to collect and share stories and images of the various experiences of integration or exclusion of those living on cultural and religious interfaces within their communities. We met in seminars and workshops on four occasions – once in each location.


Participants in the project were adults from ethnic and religious interfaces, including older people, and those from marginal social contexts who had limited opportunity to encounter others from different religious or ethnic backgrounds.  Some have had limited or no exposure to adult education.


Our objectives were to provide participants with a pathway to:

• improve their knowledge of different cultural, ethnic and religious contexts

• contribute to the alleviation of misconceptions, fears and suspicions enabling greater social inclusion and cohesion

• gain the confidence to engage further in adult education


The key outcome is the development of this 'Integration and Interaction Toolkit’ which we believe will be of wider benefit within the partnership communities and for those addressing similar issues or engaged in research.  We hope you find the Toolkit useful and look forward to recieving your feedback and comments.  You can email from the Contact page or at: 







Participants at the first SICRIE Workshop held at IBTS in Prague, November 2009





Participants at the final workshop in Klaipeda, Lithuania, May 2011.